About us

Since 1992 cafeimpuls is a meeting place in Berlin-Pankow. It is a place with atmosphere, programs and pleasures for many people. A place to dive into, to recharge one’s batteries and to return to.

For further information, particular events or how to support us, please contact Salome Rohrer, ed.slupmiefac@rerhor.emolas

Sabine Huhn
Leader of kids events / One year federal service volunteer
Nicole Katalinick
Leader of catering events
Friederike Knauth
Leader of creative domains
Mirjam Meyer
Leader of parents/kids events
Sabrina Noack
Leader of housekeeping
Ludwig Probst
Public relation
Doris Reichardt
Manager of cafeimpuls
Salome Rohrer
Leader of youth events
Eva Schäfer
Assistant to the management
Christine Zöller
Assistance in the office
Anniversary cake at cafeimpuls

This café is a project in cooperation with Christians of different denominations and the Marburger Kreis e.V. In this cultural neighborhood café, many volunteers are involved. It is financed by donations.

Here we speak about the God who revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Many people have experienced that this God lets himself be found and personally experienced today. Our guests, as well as our staff, believe, ask, doubt, hope, observe, try out and let themselves be encouraged and sometimes also challenged.

Encounter from human to human

cafeimpuls offers an atmosphere, in which we meet each other on an equal footing, experience fellowship and are invited to raise issues and find answers for here and now. Come and see …

In 1991, a big room was rented and fitted out as a cafe in the building at the backyard of Breite Straße 49 in Berlin-Pankow. At first, the backyard was a rather dark place. It was only a few years later that the building was refurbished2.

Today´s entrance to cafeimpuls Old entrance in the 90th Breite Straße with cafeimpuls in the 90th
Today´s main function room

In 1999, the cafe was able to rent another room. This space was urgently needed for groups of children, teenagers and other projects.

In 2006, the cafe was enlarged through a third room, which today serves as main function room4. The old entrance1 was replaced with a new entrance in the front and painted in orange with the cafe logo3.

Our professional kitchen

In 2010, the last big construction work finally brought the long-desired professional kitchen5. This doesn’t only please the public health office :)